crosstv generates exact audience reach and behavioral data about smart TVs households connected to the internet via HbbTV standard. It makes TV audience data objectively measurable and transparent for TV planning, media sales, advertising impact measurements and audience retargeting online. GDRP-compliant data comparisons provide a new TV research approach thanks to the generated insights into the cross-media behavior and socio-demographic structure of the TV audience.

The HbbTV Technology

The hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) signal is transmitted in parallel to the linear TV signal and opens a transparant browser on the screen enabling the broadcaster to deliver content on the smart TV as soon as viewers swith on the respective channel.

HbbTV reach

Around 35% of German households in 2020 used HbbTV ready smart TV sets connected to the internet. That corresponds to more than 13.5 million households or to 26.5 million viewers. And the technology penetration increases with every new TV sold.

How does crosstv work?

The crosstv cookie starts to generate data via the smart TVs’ HbbTV browsers as soon as viewers switch on the respective channel on which it is installed. It delivers reliable and detailed insight on TV reach and audience  behaviour and enables new and exciting possibilities for media sales, research and marketing. 

The revolution in peformance tracking one2one TV attribution

GDRP-compliant IP address matching of TV viewers and visitors to the advertised websites enables for the first time direct monitoring and analysis of the TV impact effect, as well as precise cross-media re-targeting of TV viewers.

TV audience measurement

The socio-demographic findings are generated on the basis of a GDPR-compliant matching of the HbbTV IP addresses of individual TV households with reliable and daily updated data from various DMPs with information of over 36 million internet users.

TV program optimization

The objective TV reach data analyses in the crosstv online tool provide  broadcasters with the basis for optimized program planning and delivers convincing arguments for successful media sales. Particularly small broadcasters with limited transparency on their program success can benefit from our technology.

Second Screen Targeting

The real-time audience insights enable synchronized low spread communication with selected target groups via second screen, familiar from online marketing. We call this online augmentation of TV campaigns tvextension.

The crosstv online tool

In-depth TV reach and audience behavior analysis


The dashboard delivers a quick overview. All key facts here are predefined but can be set and displayed for any time period.


In addition to live performance data, retrospective viewer activity for different periods can also be displayed here.

Quick Insights

In Quick Insights data can be swiftly and easily accessed and graphically displayed based on predetermined parameters.

Audience Analysis

With Audience Analysis specific questions can be addressed via different combinations of filter and definition functions.


The service offers low spread and efficient targeting of the second screen users based on socio-demographic data generated by DMP data matching. Parallel online ads as an extension of TV spots as well as program related online ads that target viewers’ emotions at the right moment can be applied depending on the use case.

Interested in implementing crosstv on your market?