With more than 300 daily campaign launches, XAD spoteffects stands for innovative media tracking. Although our technological focus lies on TV, we are tracking print and outdoor ads as well. With just a few clicks, you can access campaign data from more than 500 000 creatives, 40 000 brands and over 12 million tracked spot airings per year. Profit from the absolute transparency on the TV advertising market and register your account now!

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All German-speaking TV campaigns in one tool

You can browse through the last 9 years of advertising and search for combined keywords such as brands, products, categories, keywords, or testimonials and use additional filters to further narrow down your results.

Data depth

With spotresearch you can find and watch any tv campaign creative. Additionally spotresearch provides all metadata associated with a campaign, such as: an overview of airing data, spot length, category, country, campaign time range, channel mix, gross spending, e-commerce, URL, App Index, storyboards, competitors and further campaigns of the advertiser.

Comprehensive data

The tool offers daily updated information on gross media spending, channels, programs and airing times on spot version basis, on campaign and on brand level. Additionally you have access to details such as spot length, commercial brake lenght, commercial break positioning, all other bookings in the break, e-commerce share and program environment of the break. All data and related graphical visualizations are available for download.

Comparative analysis

Set up comparisons within or across specific industries. Instantly generated overviews of airings, channel mixes, number of campaigns and gross budgets deliver valuable insights on the differences between diverse TV strategies for specific time periods.

spotresearch package options

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  • All videos and creatives
  • Tags, storyboard
  • Spotlength, country, category
  • First airing (year)
  • Last airing (year)
  • E-Commerce-, URL-, App-data
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All Free features included

  • First airing (year)
  • Last airing (exact date)
  • Daily campaign launches
  • Automated notifications via e-mail: industry-, launch-, and campaign alerts
  • Search filter (URL/App/E-commerce)
  • „Favorites“ function (quick access to selected campaigns)
  • Video and storyboard download
  • Supplementary data packages can be booked in addition to basic: channel- and program check, and TV2WEB Insights
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All Basic features included

  • First airing (exact date)
  • Last airing (exact date)
  • Distribution of airings and gross spending on the basis of calendar-/ week days, channels, and time periods for all TV campaigns
  • Interactive charts and tables (also available for download)
  • Aggregated analyses on the advertising pressure of products and multiple brands
  • Comparative analysis of up to 5 competing advertisers
  • Program and advertising environments
  • E-commerce share per commercial break
  • Premium support in case of specialized requirements
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With the additional data packege TV channel and programm check you get exact data about  booking capacity of the tv channels, total and average duration and capacity of commercial breaks as well as analyses of commercial breaks on channels and program environment basis. Are you interested?

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Good to know

In addition to Germany, we are covering all relevant channels in Austria and Switzerland and are currently developing tracking for further countries.

Thanks to intelligent algorithms and state-of-the-art recognition technology, all TV campaigns are being monitored, registered and updated daily.

In addition to our main focus TV, you will find display campaigns and OOH for Germany.

No downloads and installations are required. Accessible anytime and anywhere online.

Tracking in real time or of individual campaigns?

spotbot delivers exact and precise down to the second information on all your TV ad airings. With XAD spoteffects’ TV tracking, you can monitor closely your own and your competitors’ campaign and booking strategy. All tracking data is available via e-mail, download link or API on a daily basi

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Daily gross spending for more than 200 campaign launches.

Alerts Feature

Automatic notifications about campaign launches in selected industries or of selected competitors.

Channel check

Gain a quick overview about the unused capacity of a channel.

E-Commerce Share

We calculate the share of e-commerce products and services in each commercial break..

Programm check

Always know how commercial breaks are structured and booked for the individual programs on each channel.

Ad Block Analysis

Learn more about the advertising clients, brands, products, and e-commerce share in each commercial break.

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