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Enhance the performance of your ads and the ROI of your campaigns

Crossmedia Intelligence

XADspoteffects records, measures and analyses the performance of ads in linear and advanced TV. Enhance the efficiency of your media strategy with our technology.

Complete transparency

We are tracking advertising campaigns 24/7 across Europe. With spotresearch, you can find every single campaign with exact and objective broadcasting data and gross spending calculations that are updated on a daily basis. Get an overview of all brands and products or the media strategy of your competitors.


Increased campaign ROI

Given that 80% of users engage in second screen usage while watching TV, the direct impact of TV-spots can be quantified by measuring the relevant website traffic uplifts. Our extensive experience with TV data processing and analysis allowed us to develop reliable methodology and deliver the right insights in order to boost your TV performance.

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Smart TVs and Connected TV
– new data dimensions

Smart TV devices and the HbbTV standard unite linear TV with the possibilities of the internet. Connected TV is changing media usage. Everything becomes measurable. Based on the current technology development, we offer solutions for the precise analysis of TV reach, viewers’ behavior and advertising impact.