Privacy policy

XAD spoteffects GmbH takes the protection of personal data very seriously. This privacy statement complements the “Terms and Conditions” for the utilization of all XAD spoteffects products. We would like to point out that principally, full protection does not exist on the internet. This is why minimizing the extent of the usage and provision of data always translates into greater security when it comes to the protection of personal data. XAD spoteffects complies with the following principles in the protection of personal data: XAD spoteffects uses your personal data exclusively towards the fulfillment of XAD spoteffects services. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties for the purpose of marketing or advertising (or other purposes) under any circumstances. With the exception of any information you provide in the creation of your spotresearch profile, you can decide the extent to which you would like to share self-entered personal information with other spotresearch users. Non-users of spotresearch can only access your personal data if you explicitly give your permission.

1. Personal data in the registration process

In order to provide the XAD spoteffects services, XAD spoteffects needs to collect and process certain personal data. For the time being, this primarily concerns the following information:
(1) e-mail address (2) password
Your e-mail address and password are not accessible to other spotresearch members under any circumstances. XAD spoteffects will not pass on those data to third parties under any circumstances and will refrain from sharing them in any other way. The registration process further requires you to provide some additional mandatory information, such as: (1) first name, last name, salutation (2) city of residence (3) country (commercial). Of this information, the following are always accessible to other spotresearch members: (1) first name (2) last name.
Furthermore, a billing address is required for Premium memberships.

2. Voluntary information

In addition to the personal data required for registration, you may create a spotresearch profile and choose to provide additional information. This data enables other spotresearch users to get to know you better and select you as a match for a potential business contact. The provision of this information is non-mandatory and includes: address, emails, domains, interests, private contact information, your education, work experience or other information on what you can offer interested spotresearch users and what you are looking for in other users. You can also upload a profile picture of yourself. spotresearch profiling is a service which is grounded in the publication of personal user data for members and non-members. The user is obligated to refrain from entering data that are not suited for publication. You can immediately delete or modify all non-mandatory information you have provided with future effect by simply deleting them in your profile settings. If you do not want your information to be publicly visible, you can go to “MyXAD / membership/ privacy” and modify your publication settings. Generally, you should only enter data that are meant for public access.

3. Your Profile/ Contact exchange

All spotresearch members can access your profile and see the following information, given that you have provided them: (1) first name (2) last name (3) company name (4) professional status (5) city (6) country (7) In addition, all voluntarily entered information (see 2. Voluntary Information) will be visible. Via spotresearch, you can directly contact other spotresearch members. Also, your profile shows links to all campaigns which you have associated with and that you are linked to in spotresearch to all spotresearch members. Dependent on your settings in “MyXAD/ membership/ privacy”, you can send messages to other spotresearch members in order to contact them.

4. Accessibility of your profile form non-members of spotresearch

You can always adapt your level of privacy in “MyXAD/ membership/ privacy”. By default, your privacy level will be set towards maximum visibility and accessibility of your profile and the associated campaigns in order to ensure that you can reach as many existing and potential business partners as possible. This is why the personal data contained in your profile are visible to non-members of spotresearch and can be accessed via search engines online. This is true as well for your personal contact information which you have provided in your profile. If you do not wish to publicize your contact information, you can change the settings under “MyXAD/ membership/ privacy”. Generally, you should not enter information that are not meant for public access.

5. Newsletter, Notifications

XAD spoteffects regularly sends out a newsletter (every 1 – 2 months) to all spotresearch members wishing to receive it. Amongst other things, the newsletter contains information on new spotresearch features as well as special offers. You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter under “My Settings/ Notifications”. Furthermore, your email will be used to notify you of upcoming birthdays of your spotresearch contacts, newly received messages, as well as other statistics. You can turn off these notifications under “My Settings/ Notifications”. Each notification email or newsletter also contains a separate link that allows you to unsubscribe.

6. Cookies

XAD spoteffects uses cookies that allow to identify you after your spotresearch login (with your email and password). The cookie will be saved on your computer and expires with the end of your session. In order to log in automatically, you can permanently save the cookie by using the function “automatically log in on this computer”. The cookie then contains parts of your login data in encrypted form.

7. Login Information

With each page view, your login information is stored in a log file, the server-log. The saved data file contains the following information: (1) your IP address (which allows to uniquely identify your computer) (2) the remote host (name and IP address of the computer requesting the site) (3) the time, status, query, quantity of transferred data, website that has led you to the requested site (referrer), as well as product and version details of the used browser (user agent)
To this end, XAD spoteffects uses the standardized “combined” logfile-format of the Apache webserver. XAD spoteffects uses anonymized log-files which do not indicate your identity. However, XAD spoteffects reserves the right to retroactively verify log files of users suspected of using XAD spoteffects services contrary to the contract or in discordance with the law via the last known IP address.

8. Age of Majority

spotresearch membership is exclusive to persons of age (18+). Parents or the person(s) with parental authority are responsible for the protection of the privacy of minors.

9. Disclosure of collected data

All users are entitled to demand the disclosure of all of the personal data that has been collected and stored by XAD spoteffects and pertains specifically to their person.

10. Changes of the Privacy Statement

XAD spoteffects reserves the right to alter this privacy statement at any time where a change might become necessary due to retrospectively recognized loopholes in the current text as well as in the context of new XAD spoteffects products and services. XAD spoteffects will inform you about all changes in the privacy statement via the email address that you have provided during the registration process.