TV viewers react to advertised websites using their second-screen devices. This immediate reaction produces a relationship between the visitors of the advertised site and the exact airing time of the TV-spot. It is now possible to measure that very impact objectively. Through the use of algorithms developed specifically towards this purpose, and through the consideration of all the relevant influence variables of the individual TV airings, valuable insights can be gained on what to avoid and what to optimize in your media strategy. With just a few clicks, you can use spoteffects to find the answers required in order to ensure a sustainable increase in the success of your TV campaigns.

In-house data collection

Comprehensive airing data is the cornerstone of a well-founded TV-to-Web analysis. Through our in-house TV-tracking technology, we can guarantee an exceptionally precise attribution of visits and conversions to every single TV spot.

Dashboard overview

The dashboard “details” shows all the relevant campaign parameters for each channel. This aggregated presentation of the data delivers useful insights into the current campaign management.

A comparison of the most important KPIs

Whether you want to look at the performance of channels, time periods, week days, or different spot motives – you can switch in between the different tabs and further refine your filters along other parameters. You will immediately see some approaches towards the optimization of your campaign.

Transparency down to the smallest detail

Our precise traffic analysis shows the minute-by-minute visitor development on the advertised site. Here, you can get an overview of the number of visitors for each defined traffic segment on a minute-by-minute basis. This way, the analysis of each spot becomes completely transparent.

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Which methods we use in order to calculate baseline and uplift.

How we attribute visits and conversions in case of simultaneous airings.

How we measure conversions from new sessions of returning visitors.

How our capping mechanism works to eliminate outliers.

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