Pick up the viewer online as he reacts to the TV impulse. Within a few seconds, we identify TV ad airings in real time and send this information to any desired target server or marketer API. This way, a plethora of online communication measures can be triggered in order to enhance your traffic and conversions.

Spot recognition and triggering

spotsync uses the real-time recognition capabilities of our sophisticated TV tracking software spotbot. Being reliable and accurate down to the second, it identifies and registers every spot while still airing on TV. You receive push / pull signals within 5 seconds from broadcast start so you can promptly trigger your online measures in parallel to your TV airings!

Applications cases

Sync Display

Increase awareness of your campaigns by simultaneously trigering display ad measures.

Sync Social

Spread interesting content via social networks while your TV spot is running and boost your CTR.

Sync SEA

Using our Google API you can synchronize your SEA campaigns with specific TV ad airings, push temporarily your bids and increase your visibility.

Sync Site

Match the content of your website to the content of your TV spots during spot airing times and increase your conversions.

Sync Break

Target audiences can be clustered via channels and programs. During commercial breaks audiences tend to surf the web. We can help you take advantage of that.

Sync E-Mail

During commercial breaks, millions of viewers check their e-mail accounts. This is exactly when your e-mails should be delivered, as it boosts your opening rate.

Sync SEA

Be number one result on Google within 10 seconds

Synchronize your Google AdWords campaigns with your own TV airings or with those of your competitors, suppliers and partners. Your bids will be placed automatically and accurately to the second. Thereby, you can temporarily generate the greatest possible reach with highly enhanced budget efficiency.

Sync Disply

Display and on-site measures

With our trigger, you can temporarily make adjustments to your website upon the airing of your TV ad. Commercial inspired visitors get directed to the advertised product through pop-up overlays or banners. In addition to the increased product recognition, you promptly direct the visitor to the desired information. Just a few clicks get the client to his goal!

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